Project internal web pages

  • We have installed a project management system at /project. All partners which were named on slides during the first general assembly got a login. In additions an email was sent out which contained login-details.
  • A forum is installed at /forum for workpackage related exchange of posts, questions, answers, files etc. This is for temporary work. Unfortunately, login details are not shared with the project management system, so one has to have separate login details. Please register at the board and send me an email, so we can give you access –  we have to check the users in order to restrict access.

At the current moment, all software requires a separate login, since they are software packages by different providers, offered free of charge.

Exchanging data for work

The AST intended to use the /forum as the platform for exchanging ideas, discussions, comments and files. In order to upload a file, compose a new “topic” and add your files as an attachment. We have an overall limit of 15 Gigabyte for all stuff on and there is an upper limit of 90 Megabytes for individual files. In order to get access to the forum, register yourself and drop us a message – we have to approve new registrations. If there is a need for even bigger files, please consider options like dropbox or google-drive. Ensure that the file is encrypted before uploading to those “public” services.

The AST has considered a dedicated document management system (seedDMS), but that will require an additional login.

Good luck with the work!


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