Phase one qualification performed

Phase 1 of the Lifes50+ project was completed during the evaluation workshop in Barcelona from 8-10 March 2017. The Phase 1 qualification (MS#4) presented the outcomes from the evaluation of the four innovative floating substructure concept designs.

The overall concept rankings were based on  analysis of Levelised Cost of Energy (LCoE), Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Risk evaluation determined by the LIFES50+ Overall Evaluation tool named “Floating Offshore Wind Assessment Tool” (FOWAT).


The Overall Evaluation determined that Iberdrola’s TLP and Olav Olsen’s concrete semi-sub concepts should be selected for Phase II (Concept optimisation) of the project, where they will undergo further studies and optimization in order to verify that the concepts can accommodate a 10MW wind turbine in a cost effective way.

Experimental results from Hardware-in-the-Loop Model testing at SINTEF Ocean’s ocean basin in Trondheim and Politecnico di Milano’s wind tunnel in Milan will be used for further development and verification of the technologies using numerical simulation tools. The innovative concepts will be further developed, technically and economically, to reach a higher technology readiness level. The ultimate goals are to facilitate innovation, reduce risk, and reduce the LCOE, and the uncertainties associated with its estimation.

The evaluation process was subject to strict governing criteria to determine the outcomes and does not constitute any form of approval, verification or certification of the selected designs.


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