The third technical milestone: The Evaluation methodology ready in LIFES50+

LIFES50+ Overall Evaluation tool named “Floating Offshore Wind Assessment Tool- FOWAT” have now been developed.

The tool was developed to qualify the four concepts designs under an economic, environmental, risk and technical perspective, which enable the calculation of the following aspects to be considered in both Phase I and Phase II evaluation of the concept designs:

  • Economic assessment: Levelised Cost of Energy (LCoE) calculation expressed in €/MWh and included in the LCoE module of the Single Calculation Mode of the tool.
  • Environmental assessment: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analysis using three environmental indicators included in the LCA module.
  • Risk evaluation: Technology risk assessment included in Risk module.
  • Uncertainty assessment: Provides LCoE calculation considering an uncertainty range as per the inclusion of uncertainty ranges in some of the inputs used for the LCoE computation. This assessment is available in the LCoE module in the Evaluation Mode of the tool.
  • Ranking generator for concepts designs: Calculation of the final evaluation ranking of the designs using the results of LCoE, LCA and Risk assessment (multi-criteria analysis). This operation is executed in the Multi-Criteria module.
  • KPI information: Concept design technical description using key performance indicators and generation of a KPI report.

FOWAT – The overall evaluation tool structure

During the coming months the concept designer will use an agreed LCOE-LCA and KPI data collection questionnaire to feed the tool including iteration with the Evaluation Committee in order to improve / align their design for the Phase 1 selection. The overall concepts ranking will be based on the scoring results obtained by the LCOE, LCA and Risk evaluation given by FOWAT.

A workshop now planned in Barcelona for 6-8 of March 2017 will present the evaluation of the four designs and disclose the results; which two of the four concept have been selected for further studies in the project.


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